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IONMAX Ion401 Ionic Tower Air Purifier

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IONMAX Ion401 Ionic Tower Air Purifier

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Ionmax Ion401 Ionic Tower Air Purifier removes pollutants such as dust, pet dander, dust mites, smoke, odours and harmful gases using an efficient electrostatic collection system that is motor-less, silent in operation and maintenance-free.

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$299.00 $242.99
Product Description


    The Ionmax Ion401 Ionic Tower Air Purifier removes pollutants, allergens, and bad odours from the air using negative ionisation technology. 

    Negative ions are odourless, tasteless, invisible molecultes that we inhale in abundance in the natural environment like waterfalls, mountains and beaches. They attract positive ions such as dust, dander, smoke, odours, bacteria and viruses and combine with them to make them heavy and fall to the ground, away from the air that we breathe. 

    Negative ions also do something to our biochemistry - they increase our serotonin levels, boost blood circulation, alleviate depression and relieve stress. Not only do they help us to clean the air, they make us feel better too. Indoors, negative ions recreate that refreshing feeling that you get near waterfalls and mountains, where they are produced naturally and in abundance.

    The Ion401 releases millions of negative ions into the air. These charged airborne particles attract harmful particles from the air that you breathe, and some settle on the three stainless steel collection blades inside of the unit. 

    No filters, no replacements, no ongoing maintenance needed! Simply wipe the Ion401's collection blades clean when needed. The Ion401 is easy and highly convenient to maintain, and not to mention, very economical. 

    It works in total silence for continuous use at home - in the bedroom, living room, kitchen - and also in the office. With three power levels (Hi, Med and Low), the Ion401 circulates air electronically. It has no motor, no fans and makes no noise at all, making it great for use in bedrooms as well. 

    The Ion401 Air Purifier also complies with current international safety requirements for low ozone emissions. It produces less than 0.05 ppm, making it totally safe for use. 

    Ionmax Ion401 Ionic Tower Air Purifier Features:

    • Traps airborne allergens like smoke, dust, dander, pollen
    • Eliminates smells and odours
    • Energy-efficient and maintenance-free
    • No expensive filters to replace - simply wipe blades clean!
    • Good for medium to large sized rooms up to 60 square meteres
    • Easy one-touch operation
    • 3 speed settings - Lo, Med and Hi
    • 1 Year local Australian warranty
Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Power Consumption Max 15W
    Coverage Area 60 sqm
    Air changes per hour hr
    Speed control options -
    CADR (Smoke) -
    CADR (Dust) -
    CADR (Pollen) -
    Noise Level dB
    Negative Ion Output in 50cm 6.3x105/cm3, in 350cm 3.5x103/cm3
    Product Weight 5.1kg
    Dimensions H: 700mm, W: 150mm, D: 200mm
    Warranty 1 year
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